Commission memorable portraits of your family, or collect evocative images of the landscape – all beautifully printed and framed for your home.
Portraits of family and children in London
Collect fine photographs of the landscape, printed meticulously and released in limited editions.
Commission beautiful black and white portraits of your family.
Family Portrait Photographer | Biography

London based portrait photographer Ciaran Lee, specialises in making distinctive black and white photographs of children and families, as well as the creation of hand-made platinum and palladium prints. Working away from the confines of a studio environment, Ciaran uses your home, local park or place of personal significance as the backdrop for evocative and memorable portraits. Combining dramatic vision with consummate printmaking and framing skills, he produces finished pieces of artwork which freeze forever the defining characteristics of your family.

Relying on just a small selection of equipment, and working with whatever the natural light and location have to offer, Ciaran thrives on the simplicities that aid the strongest possible subject/photographer connection. He has an interest in fine printmaking that is borderline obsessive, and lovingly finishes each custom picture frame by hand. When not photographing families, he makes images of the landscape which are released in limited editions, and like his portraits, printed meticulously by hand.